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About Medium Rare Store & Banquet

Medium Rare Store is a online-based men's outfit store dedicated to style-aware grown up kid who need to put on age-appropriate outfit but refuse to compromise their fun-loving spirit, who love their look as a  juicy, moist, luscious, soft, tender, mouthwatering, appetizing, tasty, delicious medium rare steak instead of thoroughly brown and chewy well done one.

We seek all our items around the world, all items are well-chosen and most of the pieces come in small batches, that's part of our medium 'Rare' central idea, exclusive is our promise. We are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the idea and clothing that is both wearable and distinctive for our lovely humid weather in malaysia!

and BANQUET is our online publication brought to you simultaneously as our selected collection launch. Contents including our season lookbook offer a mixture of our items that inspire everyone & product book will lay out every single launched item in our web store, & some interested contents we love to share with you. be sure you click on the fullscreen button for a better browsing experience!

Basically, we sell, we style, we share, we mold, we absolutely do what we love, we hope you definitely love what we do too. hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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